Update: 20 April 2012  

We are pleased to inform you that the SATU Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (SMPCS) is extending membership to employees from the SIA Group and SATS Ltd.

SMPCS is a Credit Society, formed in October 1977 by our predecessor Union known as Singapore Air transport Workers’ Union (SATU). In line with Singapore’s house union concept, Singapore Airlines Staff Union (SIASU) and SATS Worker’s Union (SATSWU) were formed in 1984 after breaking away from SATU. Since then, both the Unions continued to operate SMPCS to whom the conduct of its business and affairs are entrusted while the name ‘SATU’ is being maintained.

The objective of the Society is to help promote and advance the economic interest and welfare of its members and their dependence by the sustained propagation and the effective application of the principles of co-operative among its members.

With the intention of improving on its ongoing objective, currently SMPCS is providing its membership with the following benefits:

a)      grant loans for the purchase of home Appliances.

b)      grant loans for overseas travel including Malaysia.

c)       Recently, we have relaxed the condition on the mode of Travel not only by Air but by including Sea 
         and/or Land.

In order to be considered for membership, the following key criteria apply:

1) You must be a Union Member of SIASU or SATSWU.

2) You must pay a once-off entrance fee of $5.00.

3) You must purchase a minimum of 10 shares worth at $10.00. (refundable upon resignation).

For further information regarding SMPCS membership and its application form, please contact your respective Union Branch Representatives or Mr. Harwant Singh/ Ms. Banu from SIASU at 6541-6090/39 or Ms Rajeswari from SATSWU at 65428866.

Application forms are available at the 'Downloads' section of this website.


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