Application for Ordinary Membership
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Application for Ordinary Membership
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To: General Secretary ,

I wish to make application for membership of the above mention Union. I hereby agree to abide by the Consitituion of the Union and to any additions and/or amendments as may from time to time be made to the Consitution.

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Are you at present a member of any other Trade Union. If so, state name of Union and Membership No.
* I hereby state that the particulars furnished by me herein before are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and herewith submit the sum of $ as payment of my Entrance Fee and Two Months Subscriptions in advance according to the rate overleaf and my authorisation in writing on the prescribed form fo the check-off of all subsequent monthly subscriptions, levies and contributions.
Nominee Form for SIA-SU Union Benefits Scheme
and NTUC Income Group Personal Insurance Scheme
Full Name: NRIC No.:
Staff No: FIN No.:
Home Address:    
I hereby nominate the persons named in the Schedule as my nominees to receive at my death the shares set down against their respective names of all sums payable under the above schemes, provided that the share of any nominee who dies before me shall pass to the surviving nominees and shall be shared among them in the same proportion as the respective shares of the survivin nominees bear to each others.
Full Name and Address
Share to be paid
Authorisation for Check-Off

Through: General Secretary
1) I wish to request you to deduct from my salary and annual wage supplement, where applicable, the following sums as payment of my union membership subscriptions and levies as follows:

a. Membership subscription - Deduct monthly accordingly
b. Levies (13 Month Payment) - Deduct once a year accordingly
    Singapore Labour Foundation

2) The amount deducted is to be sent to Singapore Airlines Staff Union of which I am a member. If I wish to stop such deductions before the stipulated period, I shall inform you in writing through my union giving you six month's advance notice. The deductions should cease on the expiry of the notice period or earlier as my union may advice you accordingly.

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