Update: 03 May 2021  
  Update: Safe Management Measures in SIA  

Dear Members, 

In view of the recent rise in community cases, the Safe Management Measures have been tightened in SIA. 

1.       Work arrangement effective 3 May

  • Implementation of the flexible work arrangement, i.e. maximum 2 days work from home will be deferred by 3 weeks till 24 May 2021
  • Divisions to continue with current work arrangement and maintain split teams where possible
  • Staggered working hours are encouraged  

 2.       Stay vigilant and adhere strictly to the prevailing Safe Management Measures

  • Social activities at workplace will be suspended
  • Wear mask at all times, except during eating or drinking
  • Maintain safe distancing
  • Practise good hygiene habits, to wash and sanitize hands frequently
  • Disinfect and keep the workplace clean
  • Stay within the markers at smoking corners

 3.       Employees who are unwell (with fever or respiratory symptoms)

  • Should not return to office
  • See a doctor immediately
  • Submit the health declaration in share-point

Thank you

  Update: 31 May 2021  

To: All SIASU Members

Dear Members,


1.     We are pleased to inform you that application for SIASU EducationalAwards for the year 2021 is now opened for children of members. Application forms are available at the SIASU office at Airline House, Core 5A or download it from SIASU website at :

2.       There are five categories of award: - 






Value of Award



Eligibility for Application / Award




Applicants must pass the 2020 Singapore PSLE Examination.



GCE 'O' Level / Integrated Programme


Applicants must possess the 2020 Singapore GCE 'O' level Examination Certificate or Secondary 4 School Final Examination Result for students from the Integrated Programme.



GCE 'A' Level /


Baccalaureate /

Polytechnic Diploma



Applicants must possess the 2020 Singapore GCE 'A' level Examination Certificate or

the International Baccalaureate Diploma or

Diplomas from a recognised local polytechnic.





 Applicants must possess 2020 GCE ‘N’ (A) Level Certificate and Polytechnic Foundation Programme Admission Letter.





 Applications must possess 2020 ITE Graduation Certificate and Polytechnic Admission Letter.

 3.               Conditions Governing the ‘Awards’

a.         Member must have at least one year of continuous membership with the Union as at 28th February 2021. (This includes re-employed members)

b.         Where both parents are members of SIASU, only one application shall be submitted for each award type, for each child.

c.         Members should meet the requirements laid down in the rules. Those with arrears, suspended or resigned from membership will not qualify.

  1. No award shall be claimed as a matter of right or entitlement.
  2. It shall be within the powers of the Executive Council or its appointed committee as the case may be to approve, disapprove, defer or reject an application without assigning any reason thereto.
  3. All appeals shall be in writing to the Chairman of the SIASU Educational committee at : 

4.         Types of Application Form

  1. PSLE Award - those who passed their 2020 PSLE examination need to complete this form.
  1. GCE 'O' Award / Integrated Programme - those who possess the 2020 Singapore GCE 'O' Level Examination Certificate or Secondary 4 School Final Examination Result for students in the Integrated Programme need to complete this form.
  1. GCE 'A' / International Baccalaureate / Polytechnic Diploma Award   - those who possess the 2020 Singapore GCE 'A' Level Examination Certificate or the International Baccalaureate or Polytechnic Diploma need to complete this form.
  1. Recipients for the GCE ‘N’ (A) Level/ITE Awards will not be eligible for GCE ‘O’ Level Award.

5.         Closing Date

You are requested to submit all completed application forms with the necessary photocopies of documents to SIASU office at Core 5A, Airline House, no later than 14th May 2021. Strictly no applications shall be entertained after the closing date.

6.         We shall inform you of the results via post.

There will be no Educational Awards Presentation Ceremony this year due to Covid-19 Pandemic. The names of all the successful candidates will also be posted on the SIASU website at     

Yours fraternally,
M Gajeindran
Education Awards Committee

  Update: 25 Nov 2016  
  Re Employment Agreement  

Dear Members

Attached is the Re Employment Agreement signed on 21st November 2016 between Singapore Airlines Staff Union (SIASU) and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA).The effective date of commencement for the Agreement will be on 1st January 2017.

We have also successfully negotiated for the Medical Benefit lump sum payout from the current $1500 per year to $2000 payable for each year of contract renewed effective 1st January 2017.

We are in the process of negotiating with SIAEC, Silkair, SIA Cargo and Tradewinds Pte Ltd on the Re-employment terms and will inform the subsidiaries staff upon reaching an agreement.  

On behalf of the Executive Council, we thank you for your patience and support during the negotiation process.

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Dear Members,
It’s my pleasure to connect and communicate with you through this Website about the various accomplishments and successes of SIASU over the last six months.

On the 30 May, SIA Chairman Mr. Stephen Lee held a dialogue session with the Principal Officials of SIASU. He started off by saying that he was glad to see staff morale had improved and he viewed SIASU as an important partner. During the two-hour session, Mr. Lee shared some strategies and challenges faced by the Company. The recent announcement of better performance had been due to lower fuel prices. This was prevalent in the industry as all other airlines had also enjoyed lower fuel prices. In time to come, the fuel price was expected to return to previous levels. He also spoke about reviewing strategies like the formation of multi-hubs and investing in IT to improve productivity in order to keep in line with others through working effectively. At the same time, the Union discussed issues on re-employment to age 67 and the reimbursement of medical fees (charged by our medical providers FHG) to our employees.